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Save Money on Rental Vehicles

Higher taxes on vehicles at an airport make the rental cost higher there than at off-airport locations. There are several methods that can reduce your overall rental bill.

Arriving at an airport late in the day

If you are not planning on driving further than the your hotel until the next day you could stay at a hotel with free airport transportation and pick up the vehicle the next morning.

Flying out early in the morning

Return the vehicle the night before and stay in a hotel near the airport with free shuttle service.

Off Airport Rental

A majority of the time renting a vehicle at a site away from the airport is cheaper. Taking public transportation, a taxi cab or van transportation to a non-airport rental location is possible. Some hotels have rental agencies in the lobby or nearby. Staying close to your primary destination can reduce the number of days a car will be needed.

Number of Days

If you are staying several days in one location do you need a vehicle for the whole time? Local transportation may fill your needs and save money.